The New Media: Influence + Exterminism

Samuel John Cruxton

The visual world is polluted by the aftermath of overconsumption. Despite humankind having encapsulated the planet in an exoskeleton of infrastructure, mass consumption has led to the over-saturation of visual media. A sprawling and ambiguous future infrastructure is the scene for mundane tasks for a future populist, where a new condition of abstract holographic projections infects the minds of the many. These projections are the new media – abrasive and ever-present. One example depicted in the scene is an androgenous mask, the only distinguishable human ‘face’ (all other figures are obscured). The mask’s eerie holographic presence in the background of the scene suggests that the lowly occupants are being observed. Another example is the violet iris, a digital relic of a bygone natural world. These are only two examples, but they signify how humanity in this future have adapted towards a desensitized interaction with visual simulacra.





Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.