Resource Scarcity in Rentism

Sandra Melissa Wittinghan Rozo

Ever wonder what the future holds? Well, Have you ever considered how our current social system is affecting our future living conditions? This potential future is a result of the capitalist world we live in today. This is a world that’s been permanently damaged and exploited, done by the hand of all the large corporations in order to feed the needs of this consumerist society, leaving us with uncontrollable levels of waste, and a shortage of natural supplies. Not only that, but the system has also resulted in an even larger social divisions. These inequalities are clearly established, and there is no empathy for those who aren’t able to keep up with the saturation of the economic system. This post-capitalist society will be referred to as rentism; a system where the rich are in power and live within luxury and abundance while the rest us only survive off the scraps that they leave behind.





Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.