The Flood

Kristen Tsoukas

When you open your eyes in the morning, it is still dark outside. The first thing you do is to check any new leaks that have reached your high-rise module unit. With rising waters every year, the community cannot afford taking any chances. After breakfast, you make your way up the four flights of stairs up to sea level and finally feel the first rays of daylight on your face. You notice that your fellow neighbors are also leaving behind their underwater capsules and are ready to start the day by submitting to work on the upper floor levels. Farming and agricultural harvesting is scattered throughout the upper levels of the community high-rise building as well as underwater farming taking place below. After a full days worth of work, you then decide to visit the nearby high-rise units along with your neighbours. The next high-rise is within a two minute ferry ride and you take the evening to share the harvested goods that have been collected throughout the day. After enjoying some leisure time on the levels above sea-level, the community returns home using the high-rise connecting bridge. The day ends with determining whether it is time to move the community to the next level or survive another night within the home module units at risk of the next flood day.





Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.