War and Peace

Ysabel Arboleda

The consequences of political debates have evolved from mild disputes to outright civil war. An exterminist future of scarcity and hierarchy have benefited the wealthy and rich, allowing them to live fulfilling lives above the surface. There, where natural resources are pure and plentiful, and advanced technology only exists to serve, is where they detach themselves and practice their control over the rest of society. The elite have forced them to live underground on pieces of land that symbolize their political beliefs. They demonstrate their power over them by hosting regulated elections amongst each party, and if won are falsely promised a life of leisure above the surface. Thus, leaving those who are underground to engage in intense, war-like political debates in hopes for a better life. These debates serve as both a force of oppression and act as a distraction to the poor living conditions. As society’s indigents become increasingly more violent amongst themselves, they will inevitably destroy their homes and each other.





Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.