“Iconic architectural photography disseminated global Modernism and canonized utopic design principles, shaping internationalism while erasing local cultural practices. The carefully composed advertising-ready image was instrumental to the new message; the Image folded snuggly within the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, expanding the Factory to employ a complex hierarchy of production from top to bottom, from design to delivery. Internationalism was (is) an aesthetic that flowed through and replaced place. This aesthetic is still dominant while peripheral nodes of resistance emerge.”

—Dimitri Papatheodorou

Exhibition Conceived by: Dimitri Papatheodorou
CuratorsAndrea Bickley, Jack Hache, Stephen Jones, Sana Kadri, Dimitri Papatheodorou, Emily Tishana Phagoo
Panellists and Contributors: Ken Moffatt, Samantha Wehbi, Colin Ripley

Dimitri Papatheodorou thanks the Department of Architectural Science with generous support by: Alex Berceanu and Eileen Xiao
Participating Artists

Jennifer Akkermans
Schem Rogerson Bader
Roberley Bell
John Bingham
Sophia Borowska
David Brandy
Carolyn Cheng
Carolyn Code
Galduryndari D
Gary Michael Dault
Patrick DeCoste
Mallory Donen
Teri Donovan
Dessa Ely
Chris Foster
Phyllis Gordon
Sara Graham
Malka Greene
David Griffin
Alex Grunenfelder
Eyad Hachimi
Brileigh Hardcastle
Joseph Hartman
Nicholas Hertz
Leala Hewak
Mike Hoolboom (with Catherine Bush)
Jenny Judge
Bryce Julien
Hunter John Kauremszky
Gertrude Kearns
Kurt Kraler
Justin Langille
Amanda Large
Yam Lau
Déborah López Lobato and Hadin Charbel
Elyse Longair
Roseanne Lynch
Eileen MacArthur, Silas Chinsen
Nelson MacDonald
Stuart A McCall
Alan McCord
Ken Moffatt
Monique Motut-Firth
Tyler Muzzin
William Oldacre
Julie C. Ourceau
Car Martin and Maya Orzechowska
Paola Poletto
Nicole Rehill (LeBoutillier)
Tom Ridout
Colin Ripley (with Michael Evola and Abhishek Wagle)
Taryn Sheppard
Maria Simmons
Kristen Smith
Aden Solway
Scott Sørli
Jessica Stanford
Jesse Stewart
Dane Swan
Jan Swinburne
Evan Tapper
Evan Tapper and Scott Sørli
Gilles Tarabiscuité
Kathryn Walter
Ryan Watson
Samantha Wehbi
Shirley Wiebe
Elisabeth 'Lilli' Wolfart

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.