The Mien of Cathedral

Galduryndari D

About the Artist

Galduryndari D graduated from McGill University (B.A. & Sc. '20) with a major in Cognitive Science and a minor in Economics. His artistic practice centres on visual media and written words to redefine (reinvent/rediscover) banal objects in life.

About the Works

My work investigates the dynamic, ephemeral, and sinuous facets of an architecture. In the first photograph, when the shadow of the cathedral was projected on the modern Bauhaus, both buildings became destabilized. The Bauhaus and the cathedral were intertwined, blurring the immateriality of the shadow and the materiality of the Bauhaus building. With the aid of the double exposure technique, the Bauhaus was dismantled and the cathedral was materialized, subverting our perceptual certainty. In the second photograph, the contrast between the strong light and the dark night gave rise to a new interpretation of the cathedral. The church was no longer religious, but evoked in us the feelings of solitude, transience, and tranquility. Thus, the representational force of both photographs is sought through interaction (of the architecture and its non-physical environs).

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.
Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.