Remnants of the Manmade

Mallory Donen

About the Artist

A multidisciplinary artist residing in Vancouver, exploring the intersection of digital art and embroidery, through processes rooted in traditional craft passed down by generations of women in her family. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of the Fraser Valley, and a Master of Fine Arts from University of Manitoba. Her practice explores repetitive mechanical processes, and our relationship with technology, by making art as if she were a machine.

Donen received an Honorable mention for two works from Glitch Series 01, which were part of the virtual exhibition, Threaded II, Envision Art Show. Other recent exhibitions include: Horror Vacui, at Deer Lake Gallery, Neither Here Nor There, at South Main Gallery, Art on Demand 4.4, at the Reach Gallery & Museum, I Come From a Long Line of Machines, at Ranger Station Art Gallery.

About the Works

Remnants of the Manmade redirects the eye from manmade architecture towards the handmade. Photographs of architecture are transformed from cold to warm, concrete to fibre, hard traces of the man-made into soft materials of the handmade. Erect buildings lose their masculinity when a feminine object with attention to detail and thoughtful laborious hand-stitching emerges to the forefront. The perspective shifts from passersby navigating through lonely crowds in a concrete jungle, inward towards the home, the domestic space. A space of comfort and control separate from the chaos of the outside world.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.
Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.