‘Silent Eyes I II and III’ & ‘ To Nowhere I II and III’

Shirley Wiebe

Instagram: @shirley_wiebe

About the Artist

Aself-taught interdisciplinary artist. In my bodies of work, I pursue something inherently mysterious in objects and materials. My focus continues to be on the inter-relationship of physical geography and the built environment. Site-specific and project-based opportunities are of most interest, and research components. There is a challenge to push past limits of the medium into new realms of dream and drama, memory and chance, meaning and oblivion. All my work is an invitation for viewers to participate with something ordinarily in the periphery. Something fleeting.

Currently, I have been awarded an art residency with HCMA Architecture + Design in Vancouver, Victoria and Edmonton. The goal is to create three cohesive works that address what unites their offices and the communities they serve. I have titled the series 'Topographies of Care' and so far one is completed. Such a fantastic project for me!

About the Works

The first three images (left) "Silent Eyes I, II and III" are photo-based with mixed media and brush work on rag paper. They feature a place that I came across by surprise after being lost in a foreign city for most of the day. I was travelling alone. The experience involved climbing up a fire escape in order to look through a window but then discovering something else. I had a point and shoot camera that I tried to trick by shaking it vigorously. I wanted the blurriness and overexposure. There was a very magical quality to the setting, one that brought the whole trip together, and that's what I wanted to 'capture', not the place itself.

The last three images (right) "To Nowhere I II and III" are photographs that include a sculptural element. I had created an architectural detail which I carried throughout the city. I documented the sculpture in many different settings and places. It was as performative as much photography. In each image, it becomes an element that I 'direct' in response to a sense of place, yet it also appears integrated. On this day, I had taken a bus trip through a blizzard of snow and had only a few hours to walk around and take images before returning on the same day. Again, the exhilaration of not knowing where I was going, just making use of whatever I came across.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.
Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.