Jessica Stanford

About the Artist

An architect with LAT49 Architecture and is currently based in Halifax, NS. A native of St. John's, NL, she completed a Bachelor of Architectural Science and a Masters of Architecture at Ryerson University in Toronto, graduating in 2013 where she focused her thesis work on the idea of nothingness. Prior to studying architecture, Jessica spent three years at Memorial University in St. John’s working towards a bachelor degree in History, Geography and English. Throughout the nine years of her university education, she has traveled extensively, studying architecture and design throughout Canada, parts of the northern United States, England and China.

About the Works

These four images are an exploration of how a space can be designed to create a somewhat unconventional observatory or viewing space where the observatory itself cannot be observed. So often in architecture we are presented with the image of the building as a beautiful object centered in a stunning landscape where the landscape is nothing but a backdrop to highlight the object within it. But what if the landscape was the single focus of what was to be observed? Can spaces and buildings be designed to entirely focus on the beauty beyond and disappear from focus altogether?

These images are of spaces that are not an object in a landscape at all. They are stripped down to the basic elements in an attempt to dissolve and to be silent. The focus is not the object itself but rather the beauty it is framing beyond it. By removing the elements that make the object the center, the focus suddenly shifts to that which is beyond. And this has the potential to create an architecture of silence.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.
Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.