Jan Swinburne

About the Artist

My interdisciplinary practice combines traditional and digital media with a painter’s sensibility. I focus on audio-visual representations, meta exposure, de/re/generative images and patterning as an aesthetic framework. My creative approach is experimental. Moving image works have been screened in New York City, (Experi- MENTAL Festival 6), New Jersey (Filmideo/Index Art Centre), Washington DC (RhizomeDC), and in Canada (MUFF, Vector, Art On The Screens, Trinity Square Video, Photophobia, Pleasure Dome)

About the Works

If you know Montreal you will understand the blues. Process: A visualized audio waveform of the spoken word "Time" filtered into blocks and set to "MTL1975" soundtrack.

Time Blocks MTL1975 was created as an homage to my early years growing up in Montreal in the 1960-70’s. Both the music and visuals have a retro feel that easily links the prescient relationship of digital aesthetics to the span of modernism.

The process used to create the work follows my interest in working with waveform imaging and re/de/generation of video images. The source waveform was from an audio-visual rendering of me speaking the word time, it was then blocked through a filter process and choreographed to the MTL1975 soundtrack, which was in part the inspiration for the piece.

The work is a peripheral engagement with a city and a time expressed through visual and sonic palettes and structural patterns recalling a "moving through" both the city and time and its underground metro system.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.
Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.