Veil and Expose

Hunter Kauremszky

About the Artist

A young architecture student studying at Ryerson University. He has had his work featured in the faculty's year and show and has also won an architectural drawing competition. Outside of school Hunter enjoys working on his other creative outlets like painting and drawing.

About the Works

Theatre is a carefully crafted art where the structure of the show – including the sound, the set, the lighting, the music, and the performers – come together to create the experience we see on stage. People can have a greater appreciation for the masquerade of theatre if the mechanics are revealed to them. This play between veil and expose is paramount to appreciating both the function and the experience of theatre. The intent is to juxtapose transparency with concealment to draw attention to and celebrate the dual nature of theatre: performance and production.

This project breaks free from the boundaries between production and performance in order to give people a more holistic appreciation for theatre as a sum of its parts. The back of house workshops and production working areas are all exposed to the public on the ground floor giving a clear insight into their activities. Panels on the facade are rotated to create moments of concealment and exposure that allude to the intention. Finally, the performance area can be peeled back after a show in a grand unveiling act which reveals all the back of house activity supporting the show. Having been part of production myself, I can say that you gain a special appreciation for all the nuanced intricacies that go into production and it makes watching production all the more rewarding. It is this experience that I want to bring to people.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.
Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.