Architectural Digestions:
2009-2010 Orange-Green Green Purple Red Blue & The Apartments, 1992

Gertrude Kearns

About the Artist

A music background (performance + composition) and exposure to architecture offered solid foundations for an early interest in visual abstraction. Abstract works have featured in my practice since the 1980s, and later amidst a military/defence focus. I have worked officially and unofficially as a war artist for over two decades. I recently was appointed into the Order of Canada for my work as a contemporary war artist:

Order of Canada appointment 2019

Centre for Contemporary Art (CCCA) database 1990-2019 (not 2020 updated)

Angell Gallery all 5 images appear in 'Architectural Digestions' gallery statement on Kearns' works 2010 

Headbones Gallery 2007 showing of Abstract Works 1989-1992 

About the Works

ARCHITECTURAL DIGESTIONS is a group of abstract works in acrylic, china marker, graphite on paper, 2009-2010. All five works are max 75 x 41 1/2 inches; 190 x 105 cm. with the exception of 'Orange Green', 60 x 40 inches; 152 x 102 cm (It is image 6of5 as I had issues renaming items). The 5 works developed around 'avoiding the notion of centre', of specific structure, with dimensional play, while at the same time suggesting character and spirit of design and construction. Earlier abstract works were non-objective whereas these suggest cohesive form with room to maneuver design wise around a 'suggestive construct'. "All the formal elements of two-dimensional art, especially color and line, show themselves to be helpful agents for Kearns, in pursuing the logic of her aesthetics within the purview of their vast mindscapes...seeming to be located both “inside” and “outside”, to be both lyrical and geometric...Space unfolds in these mixed-media works along swooping architectonic lines, defying gravitational and positional logic"." (from 2010 Angell gallery statement, see link below).

'Purple' was framed in white plexiglass for the Angell show. I designed the very wide 5 inch x 2 inch deep frame of white back painted clear 1/4 inch plexiglass , constructed by Kal Mansur, within which the painting floats. Only one could be framed optimally for the Angell show. 'Purple' is installed, still framed, in my studio.

My 6th entry is a 1992 painting titled 'The Apartments' (St Mary's Seniors Housing Project, Brampton by Kearns Mancini Architects) 38 x 44 inches; 97 x 112 cm, oil paint, pastel, charcoal. Main characteristics of the building are illustrated. It was part of a 2007 show at Headbones Gallery, Toronto, 'Gertrude Kearns Abstract Works 1989-1992. 

In the above catalogue review by (Toronto Star) Peter Goddard, "...and in the 50s album cover cool of The Apartments (1992), a work that would not be out of place along side something from Ulf Puder and the New Leipzig School...". The image is also jpg 5of5 showing it installed at Headbones Gallery. A 4 x 5 INCH TRANSPARENCY exists, and the image is on CCCA database.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.
Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.