Malka Greene

About the Artist

A Toronto-based artist, writer and curator working primarily with lens-based media. She is particularly interested in issues and ideas related to technology, relationships, memory, fiction, and identity. She holds a BFA from Ryerson University (Honours) in New Media, English Literature minor, and a Diploma from Sheridan College in Applied Photography. She has exhibited work in Toronto and Chicago, including Koffler Gallery.

About the Works

Synthetic is an ongoing abstract photographic exploration of surface and space, subverting technology to create dynamic, obscure images. These fractured, odd, geometric shapes appear to float in space and have only hints of the ‘real’ object.

The series includes pictures of iconic places - the High Line in New York, the Tampa Art Museum - along with simpler every-day things I might usually ignore, like tiles, grates, and roads. I am turning the mundane into architecture and vice versa.

With close examination, the “real” object can be understood. This fits with my interests: I have always been curious about how things work, and the sometimes vague or ambivalent space between knowing and not knowing. I examine reflections, shadows and edges in photographs and find rich depth and context there. I am also interested in people’s stories and the concept of truth—that our memories are unreliable and become fragmented over time.

When I studied photography (using film), best practice was to produce as much as possible in-camera and minimize reliance on darkroom and other post-production techniques. While this is digital work, I have adhered to this practice and do relatively little post-production work on the images.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.
Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.