A Model of Incidental Aesthetics

Bryce Julien

About the Artist

My relation to photography began with a curiosity of its material qualities, quickly evolving into a fascination with analog and alternative processes that would later permeate my practice. Having completed a BFA within the Image Arts Photography Studies program at Ryerson University, with the addition of a Philosophy Minor, I explore the implications of the subject to photographer relationship through the frameworks of psychological and socio-philosophical theories. Central to my practice is the positioning of the photographic image as a tool for critical thinking, social inquiry, and intrapersonal development.

About the Works

Drawing on typological methods of analysis, "A Model of Incidental Aesthetics" (2018) surveys staircases as encountered in Toronto’s ever-changing urban landscape. Through prioritization of the formal qualities of line and shadow, the rudimentary structure of the stair is abstracted from its functionality and elevated from the realm of the vernacular. This decontextualization works to deconstruct the hierarchy of the architectural sublime, instead placing aesthetic significance on the materiality of the sculptural subject. Within the photographic print dimensionality is collapsed to synthesize the ordinary and the abstract, offering an alternative consideration of architecture's civil interactivity.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.
Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.