Here’s the proposition: by 2040 you will be established in your career, leaders in your profession. Some of you will be principals in architecture firms. Some of you will have other paths. But in any case, the world will be depending on you. What will the world look like 20 years from now? What will be the conditions in which you practice your profession? What will the major concerns and issues be that you will need to find ways to overcome? This pandemic has made these questions even more timely than they were before: in many ways, the future has arrived. But what will the future be like, when (if) we re- emerge from our sheltering in place? Perhaps if we pay attention to the future, to what it might bring to us, we will be better prepared for what it does bring. Maybe we will have a chance to build the skills attitudes tools and technologies to face that future with strength and equanimity. So in this studio we will face these questions: what is the future? What futures are likely, for the world and for architecture? What might the world of 2040 look like, and what are we likely to be building in it?

Exhibition Conceived by:
Colin Ripley
Curators: Emily Tishana Phagoo, Konner Mitchener
Panellists and Contributors: Peter Frase, Colin Ripley

Colin Ripley thanks the Department of Architectural Science with support by:
Alex Berceanu

Ysabel Arboleda
Erik Aquino
Joana Benin
Andrea Bickley
Ted Bulaclac
Lauren Chan
Natalie Chan
Angela Chau
Danika Chesney
Adrian Chiu
Caleb Culmone
Samuel John Cruxton
Marte Dale
Murray Daly
Meredith Davis
Jacob Deir
Mariam Elzein
Farah Elmajdoub
Aurela Emiri
Michael Evola
Jessica Feng
Connor Gagnon
Gabriel Garofalo
Daniel Gawel
Luisa Gonzalez
Tetyana Gradyuk
Jack Hache
Irda Hajdari
Adam Hollings
Jimmy Hung

Daniel Jacobs
Stephen Jones
Alica Kempenaar
Jon Kim
Kaya Kim
Vivian Kinuthia
Helena Krekel
Gladys Lee
Tess Macpherson
Henry Mai
Nazanin Mirsharifi
Konner Mitchener
Monika Mitic
Maria Helena Nerhus
Sandra Melissa Wittinghan Rozo
Dan Rubenzahl
Emma van der Staay
Cathy Truong
Kristen Tsoukas
Abhishek Wagle
Catherine Wang
Liane Werdina
Kristen Wiebe
Ernest Wong
Colton Wood
Lucy Yang
Brant York
Gloria Zhou
Mariam El Zein

Possible Futures

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.